Is Your Cordon Blue or Bleu?

You have always had a dream of opening your own restaurant. There is this perfect building downtown that has been for sale for a long time now. You can’t afford to buy the building, but when the owner decides to make it available for rent rather than let it sit vacant, you jump at the chance.

Wow! You are the chef of your own restaurant now. You get ready to put together the menu. You have some advertising to do. Yes, you’re a great cook, but writing is not your strength. Maybe you have a spouse or child or parent who can help with these details. Either way, it’s a really good idea to have a professional look them over before you print up a large number and later you find out there are spelling errors you didn’t catch.

People are picky. They want to eat well, but they also expect professional advertisements and an error-free menu. As a small business owner, you can’t do it all. The Chili’s down the street has a whole marketing team at its national headquarters. The least you can do is hire a professional to proofread your marketing materials. It will be worth the expense. Trust me.

This is true for all  businesses, of course. You may not even do any marketing. I had some legal papers drawn up recently for my own business, and I was surprised by the fact that I had to send them back a couple of times because something as simple as them entering a wrong address or referring to me as “him.” Excuse me, but if you don’t even proof your own work, maybe you don’t deserve my business … See what I mean?

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