Review of Rosina Lippi’s HOMESTEAD

I was skeptical when somebody mentioned this book to me. The stories of the women in this book are all set in an area close to where I grew up. I doubted that an outsider could paint an accurate picture of this remote farming area. But I must admit that my skepticism was ungrounded.

This is an excellent book for anybody who wants to know what it must have been like to make it through World War I and II (and beyond) in a remote valley in Europe.

The only trouble I had was trying to remember from one story to the next how the characters are related to each other. Nonetheless, each story is complete and enjoyable on its own. And if you want to read it a second time to delve into the familial relationships, I’m sure you’d get some of the nuances that you might have missed on the first go-round. This book can definitely be enjoyed more than once!

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