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Sabine Barcatta (2016)

Hello. My name is Sabine Barcatta. I have worked in academic publishing for over 30 years.

My love of reading has given me an appreciation for good writing. My background in mathematics has provided me with an eye for detail and a preference for concise expression.

I started as a proofreader for an academic magazine. Before long, I was copyediting for two history journals, then for a project in agricultural economics. Other, similar jobs followed. I had found my passion. For 15 years, I was the managing editor of Western American Literature, an academic journal for which I also served as typesetter. When the journal moved to another institution in 2013, the Western Literature Association retained me as their Director of Operations.

I have trained graduate students and supervised freelance copyeditors.

Disciplines I have worked in: English literature, German literature, history, art history, agricultural economics, interior design, political science, sociology, landscape architecture.

While most of my background is in American literature, I enjoy learning new things in any field. With degrees in mathematics and photography in addition to two master’s degrees in English literature, I have a number of varied interests.

I am dedicated to high-quality work. Please contact me to see for yourself. My business is registered as The Purple Pencil LLC. I hope to hear from you.

List of Works Edited

(Résumé removed because of scammers. Please request it from me directly.)


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